Jinn from Afghanistan

13. Březen 2017 - 9:15 -- rudy jones

We are used to the idea that evil is always personified and conscious. Satan, Hitler, Darth Vader, etc. It is much easier for us to accept the consequences of some malicious intent than to agree with the fact that the pitchy dark horror is possible because of the normal human beings. And still we have to understand what had triggered the heroin nightmare which is exponentially spreading from Afghanistan around the world right now. Was it the result of some malicious wrongdoing or the good intentions put the whole country into hell? Let's try to figure it out.
Here are some historical facts before we start. Afghanistan has been the opium producing country with its own specific market for a very long time. Conjointly Turkey and Afghanistan had been producing the opium for Iran, where around 1 million citizens had strong opium dependence, and which became the major doping consumer after the communist revolution in China. However, on the global scale, Afghanistan was far behind the producers of the Golden Triangle (in 1970 Burma solely put 500 tons of opium on the market). But the longstanding drought in the late 1970 significantly disrupted the opium production in the Southeast Asia and the Golden Triangle was replaced by the Golden Crescent (Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan). Iran left the club after the Islamic revolution when country's authorities declared the real jihad against the drug trade and local drug users that resulted in public crane dancing. Instead the leaders of the Afghan opposition, like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the Afghan Hezb-e Islami political party that was fighting against the Soviet forces, quickly turned not just into some drug lords but straight into the kings of the opium drug industry. The West preferred to turn a blind eye to everything because the 'freedom fighters' needed money to pay the weapons supplies. However, shuravi (that is how the mujahidin militants and Afghan people called the Soviet soldiers and military advisors) without false modesty have been reducing to dust the opium plantations along with their inhabitants, and helicopters have been raining down shells on the drug caravans. The dammed jinn had left his lamp, but the Soviet Union used to seize the jinn by the throat and whenever possible put him back into the lamp. The visibility of that control also existed during the Taliban rule. In the 90s these guys absorbedly had been stuffing themselves from the heroin pothole. But as the millennium passed they decided to start a great PR-campaign and present themselves as the drug menace fighters. The opium fields were set on fire, blood of the drug producers and couriers was spilled on the town squares and roads. And the price of the white death sachets moved up. Suddenly in 2001 the Operation Enduring Freedom hit the country. Later it became clear what kind of freedom it was. After the arrival of democracy the rugged bearded men continued to rape boys and put girls into rag cocoons. In this context nothing had changed. But since the US troops entered Afghanistan the area under opium poppy cultivation increased by 100 times and the final product output – heroin – by 40 times. If the first can be somehow explained by the pity for the Afghan peasants and stiff denial of the Soviet methods to fight the drug business, while the second part needs to be investigated. Actually the heroin production is a complex technological process that requires laboratories, precursors and trained staff. Before the 'democracy' came the whole production was concentrated in Pakistan, but with the arrival of American and European missionaries, the complete industrial scale opium production was established. The uncontrolled flow of specific fertilizers, drilling rigs, newest spraying systems that allow reaping the opium poppy harvest up to 4 times a year, generous credits from the Western banks, supplies of the special pharmacologic equipment, chemical agents, etc. hit the country... What was that? Poor judgment? Or a genius plan of some bigots? Once the Russian Bolshevik leader Lenin said: 'The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.' Do the present wheeler-dealers, who provide the Afghan hash producers with all the details of the hellish technological circle, not understand that this may end with the syringe in the vein of their children and grandchildren? Or they just humbly obey the orders from the power players for whom we are just the expendables in the process of their great performance? It would be great to learn more about their plans.